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letters to authors // 03

(You can read the previous Letters to Authors posts here + here.)

It's a bit meta to write letters about novels written in letters, but epistolary novels (going back to the Liberty Letters series which I read as a ten-year-old) have pretty much always interested me. I grew up loving letter-writing and at one point had three or four penfriends (I know, I'm crazy). The epistolary genre has grown to include stories told through diaries, e-mails, text messages, documents or a mix of all of the above. This is an appreciation post for the authors who have created some of my recent favourites. (And do share your favourite epistolary novels in the comments; I am always looking for me.)
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To Brigid Kemmerer: Thank you for the graveyards, cameras, and broken-down cars of Letters to the Lost. Declan and Juliet (and Rev and Rowan) slipped into my heart as naturally as their stories slipped between letters and emails and prose and back again. I loved seeing these characters confront thei…

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