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bookshops of melbourne

you see, bookshops are dreams built of wood and paper. they are time travel and escape and knowledge and power. they are, simply put, the best of places. - jen campbell
Last month I traveled to Melbourne (the capital of Victoria in Australia and, like, at the bottom of the country from me) for my first real-all-on-my-own-but-with-friends-not-family holiday. My dear friend, Eleanor, is a lovely soul who didn't mind riding lots of public transport and singing musical theatre with me throughout the week I stayed with her family (and also put up with my wide-eyed country girl excitement, haha.) Because we are both bookish people, we visited five bookshops (four of those on one day with another friend). So, without further ado, come along, if you'd like, on a little tour of my book shopping days in Melbourne (all links are to the respective bookshop's Facebook page)...
Dymocks Melbourne // Firstly, this Dymocks (Dymocks is a nationwide bookshop chain in Australia, was huge, by t…

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