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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

a to z bookish survey (in which I do a tag)

I had really planned to do a bit of an introduction-like post to my life as a reader (why I love it, what my favourite genre/s is/are, etc.) and then one about my life as a writer (why I love it, my stories, etc.) except life isn't going to go as I thought this week (read: life is crazy and I may possibly be stressing out too much, haha.) So today I'm doing the A to Z Bookish Survey, which I found on The Perpetual Page-Turner. (My brain's reasoning is something like: Do a tag because you can answer a couple of questions between each school subject/load of washing/meal.)

A: Author you've read the most from ... I think it's a tie between C.S. Lewis, Ann M. Martin, and L.M. Montgomery. I've read all the Narnia books, all the Main Street series, and a lot of L.M. Montgomery. This goes back to life when I was like twelve, by the way.
B: Best sequel ever ... Honestly don't know. I obviously read too many standalones or lackluster sequels. : )
C: Currently reading ... A Suitable Boy by Vikram Seth. It's huge, people. Over 1000 pages. Oh dear.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

the introduction of this blogger

So this is what it's like entering the Internet. Scary, but nice.

Oh, hi! Welcome! And all that jazz.

I'm Annie-Jo Elizabeth, and this is Purple + Yellow. My blog. It's named after my two favourite colours in case you were wondering.

I'm a teenage writer/bookworm from Australia. I'm a Christian. Also, I like marshmallows, caramel, writing inside parentheses, history and quotes. (Which is true, but random. Apologies.)