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Sunday, February 26, 2017

letters to authors // 02

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To Anne Elisabeth Stengl: Thank you for a return to the magical world of Goldstone Wood in Starflower. After three books whose timelines intertwined so intricately, I admit I wondered where exactly the story could go next and whether I could love it as much; thank you for introducing me to new characters and letting me see old ones through different eyes. Honestly, I hope you never run out of stories for this world. I will always take more cat-men, fairy fables, dragons, and enchantments. From me. xo

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

beautiful people // sandy + annemarie

Today is a strange day because I'm letting the slightly romantic side of me take over and link up with this month's Beautiful People, a meme hosted by Sky @ Further Up + Further In + Cait @ Paper Fury. It's a character-interview/questionnaire-type-thing, only this month there're two characters (aka a couple). So let me introduce you to Sandy Dunmore + Annemarie Bauer, the only couple in my current novel, I Wished for Wings ...

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beautiful people february 2017 // sandy + Annemarie

How and why did they meet? // Sandy, then in Year 10, was doing homework with Annemarie's older brother. Annemarie, in Year 8, questioned the logic behind their argumentative essays.