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Sunday, May 21, 2017

one of my favourite places // the library lovers book tag

hello people! 

This week I'm doing a tag I found through Google and on Amber's blog. The tag is all about libraries, which makes my heart happy for two reasons: 1) libraries mean books that you get to keep for four weeks and pretend they're your own and also places filled with books which honestly is really calming (anyone else find book calming?) + 2) I don't know if I've said this before, but I actually started working at my local library this year which is all kinds of freaking out amazingness. Three and a half months in, I still get excited about every day of work, though there is hard work involved. But it's one of my favourite places and I'm grateful to work there with some pretty cool people. Anyways, onward to the tag (to which I added a final bonus question which I hope is allowed?) ...

photo by me who doesn't own a great phone and is still figuring out the art of self-timer photos. but, you know, at least, I didn't drop the books.

T H E  L I B R A R Y  L O V E R S  B O O K  T A G

How often do you visit your local library? // To work, five days a week, haha. If I wasn't working there, it'd be once a fortnight, I think.
Are you the type of person who checks out more books than you know you can read or are you someone who only checks out the exact amount of books you intend on reading before they are due? // Um, I basically always borrow too many books, then stress that I'm not going to finish them, then renew the loan period, then still don't read them all, so two weeks or a year later, I'll re-borrow the same book. *sigh* It's a downward spiral, I know, but there are so many lovely-looking books. Also, I reserve a lot of books on my library's online catalogue, then they all arrive at the same time (which, you know is completely out of my control).

Sunday, May 07, 2017

what i read // april mini reviews

True story: I wrote the title of this post as March Mini Reviews and it took me a full ten minutes to realise it's April. It's nearing the end of April?! What on earth. How dare the time go so fast.

Anyhow, this month I did a bit of reading. By a bit I mean four books which is becoming the new normal in the crazy world of working and editing and driving lessons. But they were all quite enjoyable, so that makes up for it. ;)

Cress by Marissa Meyer // This is the third book in the completely awesome fairy-tale retelling, sci-fi/fantasy series that is The Lunar Chronicles, and my firm favourite so far. I feel a little anxious because all throughout Cress it's like we're heading for the climax of the series plot, but it was half the excitement for me, too. Cinder, Kai, Scarlet, Wolf, and Thorne's (the main characters from the first two books) perspectives continue alongside that of Cress, an experience hacker and Lunar shell trapped in a satellite by the evil Lunar thaumaturge, Sybil. OH MY GOODNESS. So many feelings!